SIR Concepts

Through SIR Concepts, Sharif artfully combines the imagination, hopes, dreams, and faith of his clients to create a one-of-a-kind-experience unique to every person for which SIR Concepts is commissioned and entrusted with their event.  The result is that SIR transforms their event into a “forever permanent testimonial memory!”   These memories then testify to the ultimate good that still exists in life, and that in the right hands, a client’s events can be crafted into part of their personal experience (and also a memory) of that good.  The SIR concept effect does not end on the day of the event, but by way of creating positive memories of life’s good, people actually have a frame of reference through which to REMEMBER (especially in challenging times) that there is still good of the type that chases away disappointments, that chases away fears of failure, that replaces “can’t” with can, “won’t” with will and “impossible” with possible.  It solidifies the PROMISE that this life was meant to be lived and not just gotten through, that there is more good than bad, that hope springs eternal, and ultimately outlasts doubt, disappointments, and discouragements.

SIR remembers and reminds us all of the RAINBOW after rain and that storms don’t last always.

It is to be well noted that Sharif Radney and his SIR Concepts team are not mere event planners, though we hasten to say with MUCH RESPECT, that there are many event planners that plan and execute events well and are to be commended for the same.    However, Sharif and his team are Positive Life Difference Makers who leave no stones unturned, no ideas unexplored, and no efforts unembraced, to absolutely ENSURE that ANY, ALL and EVERY person’s experience with them is an “EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME!”  The creation of such experiences are paralleled and rivaled by no others, because there IS no other like SIR Concepts!


“Satisfaction Guaranteed” is far too cliché, understated and underrated to adequately describe SIR Concepts.  Second to None more adequately and appropriately speaks to their truth.


Let SIR Concepts turn your thoughts, your hopes and your dreams into UNIQUELY ASTOUNDING and SIMPLY AMAZING realities!


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Here’s what people have to say about us

Sharif and his SIR Concepts team were absolutely 100% amazing. I felt we found a true partner in our wedding planning for our wedding. It is such an important occasion, having someone that we completely trusted eased our stress immensely. I highly recommend SIR Concepts to anyone seeking a wedding planner that truly cares and will listen to your ideas and help you to enjoy the big day, instead of worrying about the little details, because you will trust they are being managed the way you would! I can’t say Thank you enough!!

Sarah Chiappisi