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Sharif Radney

As the general flow of life dictates, purpose is born in every individual.  It’s development, it’s difference-making achievements is predicated upon first the recognition of that purpose, and then what the individual does to develop, preserve, cultivate and finally maximize that purpose.  This is an “internal” truth.  Externally, and what is actually most readily seen,  is that a person is taught a craft and therefore learns a craft and can become quite efficient at that craft; a person has a particular talent for, and is therefore able to perform a craft; or a person is gifted with an innate capacity for a craft and embodies and performs it in a most uncommon, understanding defying way.

And then there is the person who is born with their measure of purpose, recognizes the presence of its seed, realizes that it is the purpose to which they were called (from birth), understands that at the very least, it is a God-given talent, and works diligently to develop, preserve, cultivate and maximize it…only to find that its expression extends well beyond the confined boundaries within which the definition of talent is contained.  Indeed there arises a dawning of revelation within this caliber person, that they have been endowed with a GIFTING for which they were BORN to do!   They also come to understand that living out this gifting is as natural and as vital them as the very air they breathe, and each breath they take.

One such person of THIS type, is Sharif Radney!  And the purpose to which he is born and called, is the TRANSFORMATIONAL work that He performs through his planning company, SIR Concepts….which is not just his company, it is his LIFESTYLE!

Sharif Radney was born in Newark, New Jersey and now resides in Durham, North Carolina. Sharif has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Grantham University and a Certificate of Event Planning from Correlations LLC.  He also serves as vice chairperson for New Direction Ministries in Henderson, NC and on the Board of Directors for FGBG (For God By God) in Raleigh, NC. He enjoys helping the disenfranchised, and those who are struggling and unable to help themselves. Sharif particular enjoys mentoring young people and challenging them not to settle for mediocrity in life, but rather, to reach for and walk into their destiny!


Jakeema Dawkins

Associate Planner

Jakeema is a certified Project Management Professional with more than 15 years’ experience. My planning, administration and organization skills complement the SIR Team well; contributing to the high-quality level of service that clients receive for their wedding or special event. My passion and commitment to the vision of SIR Concepts is demonstrated in how I partner with clients to ensure successful execution of their momentous occasion. I build relationships with clients based upon competence and trust and look forward to working with you!

Kaseem Dawkins

Marketing Manager

Kaseem Dawkins is a marketing executive with 14 years of professional experience. My job with SIR is to oversee marketing campaigns and to promote our products and services. As the head of marketing I work closely with other employees in areas such as advertising, market research, production, sales and distribution. My overall goal is to bring continued success to SIR through consistency in strategy and growth in development.

Vickie Lucas-Harris

Event assistant

Alisa Thomas

Executive Assistant


Event assistant

Sir Concepts did an excellent job for my moms 50th Surprise Birthday party. They were on point every step of the way! The communication with Sharif and his team was excellent the entire time. Sharif and his team have a great eye for detail and the event was beautiful. He worked within my budget and always gave me options to choose from. I HIGHLY recommend his services you will not be disappointed! If you are looking for quality and reasonably priced services SIR Concepts is the way to go!!!!

Tamette Farrington