Cedar Grove Wedding VenueWhen you Google wedding venue in the Triangle, there are over 6 pages of results. That can be incredibly overwhelming to a couple getting married.

As the owner of Sir Concepts Event Planning, I have noticed that most couples begin their search by choosing their venue because they want to know if their date is available. So, we wanted to share a few of our favorite venues and the reason below to help.s

Our top 4 venues that we recommend to our clients are:

  1. River Ridge Golf Club: There are so many things we love about River Ridge! From the grand entrance from the staircase to the way the entire venue flows. There is ample parking, great picture opportunities, and great flexibility with this venue.
  2. Cedar Grove Acres: You can really experience a great outdoor wedding with Cedar Grove Acre, but the venue did a great job creating a very rustic environment too. This is a great venue for a couple trying to have a southern style wedding.
  3. The Cannon Room: Many Raleigh couples want a wedding with iconic pictures in Downtown Raleigh. For those couples, we love to suggest the Cannon Room! Their location is in Downtown Raleigh off of West Martin Street; adjacent to numerous easy parking decks for guests who are new to Downtown Raleigh.
  4. NC Museum of Life and Science: Many of our couples want something incredibly unique. And some want an unforgettable wedding with a semi-outdoor setting. For those couples, the NC Museum of Life and Science is a spectacular venue.

It is very common that our engaged couples have very specific criteria in their wedding venue. So, if these wedding venues don’t check all of your boxes, reach out to our team now. We would love to talk through this decision with you.

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