Micro Weddings & Minimonies

While we adjust to the new norm, many couples are questioning ‘How can we get married during a pandemic?’ Between group gathering restrictions, social distancing guidelines and discouraged travel, couples are now left with the task of having to face new realities and shrinking the event down to a cozy, intimate size. Though this is a new experience for us all, this does not mean sacrificing wedding plans; many couples are looking at micro weddings and minimonies for the future of weddings.

What Is a Micro Wedding and a ‘Minimony’?
A micro wedding is an intimate affair, usually with no more than 50 guests or fewer. They still feature personal traditions and decor that make a wedding but on a smaller scale.

A ‘minimony’ or a mini ceremony, is held with your loved ones, or simply a moment of commitment shared between you and your partner. In states where the legality of minimonies may be questioned, remember that this option is intended to be enjoyed primarily between the couple. Couples are looking towards these weddings due to current social distancing restrictions and can bring a new intimacy to weddings; below we share how to make the best out of your micro wedding or minimony.


Shorten your Guest List
Due to general wedding invitation etiquette, it’s particularly easier to add to your guest list than it is to subtract from it. When creating your guest list, take a lot of consideration on who you would like to invite, and it’s perfectly okay to create an A list and a B list of guests.

What To Wear?!
Of course you can wear traditional wedding attire, white dress and/or tux, but if you are having a destination wedding, why not have a beach formal attire or fun accessories; this is an open opportunity to break away from the formal dress standards. According to WeddingWire, masks are the latest wedding accessory. Give your guests and everyone on your guest list, an exclusive mask commemorating your special day, or have bride and groom designated color masks. 

Working With A Planner
Your wedding planner will be your greatest asset, they will be able to wrap your dream together in a beautiful package (bow included). When speaking with your planner, set expectations about your wedding; design mood boards, have some references and inspiration photos, and an estimate of how many guests you would like to invite. Virtual meetings are the new normal for us, so having these few things can assist the planner in better assisting you. If you are feeling overwhelmed, break up the to-do list and focus on the simple yet attainable tasks, the planning milestones will add up.

Making Memories
Though it is the couples special day, give your guests a personal experience as well. Create a wedding webpage, to make your special day accessible for those guests with travel restrictions or dealing with self quarantine. Individually handwritten invitations or personal (tangible) letters for guests, this may seem like a dated tradition but can give a personal touch for your guests.

Create Welcome boxes and wedding favors including items that are specific to your wedding location or personal touches, maybe there was a favorite candy you ate as a kid or an old photo. This is also a great opportunity to remind guests of any COVID-19 safety measures you’ve put in place for your wedding—equip everyone with a mask and hand sanitizer, if you are having an in-person ceremony. 

Whether virtual or in-person, having a unique or picturesque venue can enhance the wedding experience. Sites like AirBNB can inspire uncommon venues, maybe a tiny house for a tiny wedding party. Overall, choose a location that’s easily accessible by car, and consider asking everyone to get tested first if you aren’t already in the same quarantine group, for in-person weddings. Having your loved ones stay with you will make your celebration feel like a vacation and a wedding.

Make the virtual experience feel personal with digital photo booths and inventive streaming options; the virtual experience needs to be interactive. Consider virtual speakeasy’s where mixologists will create cocktails for guests and you can send cocktail kits to those who can’t be at your wedding in person. 

Having a small (micro) wedding does not mean lack of quality but does mean more intimacy for you and your guests, and guarantees you’ll love where your money goes and have tons of memories with every single guest.